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China has become the planet`s biggest polluter and emitter of greenhouse gases.
This is the price the country has paid for the extraordinary economic rise during the last 35 years. There has never been a parallel for such a development in human history; and there will never be one in the future.
But the times of annual GDP growth rates regularly exceeding 10 per cent per year seem to belong to the past! China starts realising that it cannot permanently sacrifice its environment and human health to an unrestrained production of goods and ever rising emissions of dust, sulphur and CO2.
Its citizens no longer accept the high levels of urban pollution and congestion, forcing both local and central governments to act.
In 2011, Beijing municipality has intervened, severely limiting the issue of new licence plates for cars; Guangzhou, the country’s third biggest mega-city with some 15 million people, has followed suit early September […]

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