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The development of sustainable cities can be approached by many ways. As I discussed in my previous blog, the London Olympics showed how a metropolis can mobilise to promote sustainable practices. But we have a very different example here In Sweden.
For London, being awarded the Olympics was a catalyst for new ways of working. But it was Stockholm’s failed bid to host the 2004 Games that became the driving force for a bold experiment the site of what would have become the athletes’ village. The area that was created, the so-called Stockholm Hammarby Sjöstad, has since become one of the world’s leading examples of sustainable development.
After years at the forefront of environmental practice, the project is now entering a new phase of development. Behind this pioneering effort is the former Swedish Finance Minister, Allan Larsson. As a resident of the area, he leads now leads Hammarby Sjöstad 2020 – a cluster of […]

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