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There is less than a month left to the end of the parliamentary electoral campaign in Ukraine. Already today it is possible to predict that 5 political forces out of 22 which compete under party lists will get into the parliament. Among the favorites we can outline two camps. “Proruling-controlled forces” where the proruling Party of Regions, Communists and N.Korolevska’s and football player A.Shevchenko’s “Ukraine-forward” belong to, and the “Toothless Opposition”: Y.Tymoshenko’s “Batkivschyna” and “UDAR” of boxer V.Klychko.
The electoral campaign of the first camp is more similar to a political supermarket where everything can be sold and bought. Thus, the main prize is in the hand of the President – he aspires to get 300 votes for the constitutional majority. It looks like opponents, beginning their own campaign, even didn’t think of the national Ukrainian interest. The main objective of their leaders is to keep personal warm armchairs in the […]

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