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The figures for 2011 are now compiled and show the per capita carbon dioxide is now 2.7 tons of carbon dioxide less compared to the 1993 levels. Their goal is to reduce it to 55% by 2015 and by 100% by 2030.
I asked one of the responsible civil servants in Växjö administration how they achieved this. Her answer was that they first decided to measure all their emissions on a yearly basis and then set targets to reduce them. The targets comprised from energy to transportation. That included measuring all the use of fossil fuels at all petrol stations, the energy consumed by the local district heating unites and controlling the amount of electricity the city bought from in and outside suppliers.
The share of renewable energy use in Växjö is currently 60%.
The use of both gasoline and diesel decreased substantially between 2010 and 2011. The town is also considering mixing in […]

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