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In reality, Ukraine-EU relations haven’t meant the achievement of partnership already for a long time. This process is characterized by the emergence of new risks and conditions for contacts. Citizens perceive eurointegration as an alternative to Ukraine’s entering unions where the key role is played by Russia. So far, citizens have no accurate understanding of advantages of EU integration.
Ukrainian politicians, who supported Ukraine’s entering the EU earlier, avoid this topic during this electoral campaign. “Pseudo-oppositionists” have built their electoral campaign on the idea of imprisonment of their leaders. They believe their release would guarantee honesty and transparency of the electoral process. In our opinion, this is the fact of the second-rate political platform.
Official representatives of the EU also mark this. That is, the future of eurointegration of Ukraine has actually become hostage of destiny of two people.
The EU is actually ready to ascertain the facts of violation of electoral laws, […]

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