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Since 2004 the political establishment in Ukraine has been making maximum efforts to prevent the emergence of the national unifying idea. This process takes place amid the progressing material impoverishment of the majority of the population. Citizens aspire to find the guilty. The current authorities continue to morally and financially destroy a well-to-do and self-sufficient Ukrainian. Since such primordial independence is a threat to its existence.
New political parties which the authorities will let pass into the parliament will hardly change this. The appearance of “UDAR” of boxer V.Klychko, “Svoboda” of nationalist O.Tyagnybok, or even “Ukraine-forward!” of economic populist N.Korolevska in the parliament won’t become the beginning of positive changes in the political life of the country. It will aggravate the parliamentarism crisis in Ukraine even more. Looks like this is what “the secret plan” of political long-livers – the Party of Regions, United Opposition and Communists consists in.
The demand for […]

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