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Words off our forefathers

On April 18 1951, in Paris Konrad Adenauer (West Germany), Paul van Zeeland, Joseph Meurice (Belgium), Robert Schuman (France), Count Sforza (Italy), Joseph Bech (Luxembourg), Dirk Stikker and J. R. M. van den Brink (Netherlands) signed what Schuman called “the Great Charter of Europe”. It was the document that created the European Coal and Steel Community, the first manifestation of what is today the European Union.
The history and signification of this treaty have been long discussed by politicians and historians alike and there is a wealth of information available online and offline. I have however decided to discuss it, because it holds keys for developing our future together, and above all it shows that the ideas that Federalists promote now are neither new nor unheard off. Schuman was probably on the most notable European Federalists of the past century.
The preamble to the document is very interesting in itself:
Convaincus que […]

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