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The discussion over the future of Turkey inside the EU has been stalled for years. Any development has been scheduled for the years to come, but with no specific plan nor prediction for the membership bid. Finally, should Turkey be member-state of the EU or not?

Since 2004 and the lauching of the negotiation talks, lot of water has been streamed into the channel of membership. Turkey could not at the time comply with some of the major chapters of the negotiation process, mainly dealing with human rights and the bilateral revendications against Greece in the Aegean, and therefore the discussions have stopped or put in future time. Meanwhile, the stong anti-Turkish standpoint of France’s President Sarkozy and the floating rhetoric of Germany also contributed to this deadlock.
In the years that followed, Turkey achieved to solidify its pivotal role in the region by exerting robust politics when dealing with balances […]

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