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The manoeuvring between West and East was common Ukraine’s business for many years. So called “multi-vectorial foreign policy” meant to keep distance from Russia and to speak about European integration as top priority for the country.
Practically, Ukraine did not make a choice yet. Country was indeed avoiding both integration processes led by Russia and reforms needed for real, not declarative European integration.
Seems in 2013 Ukraine will be forced to make a choice. It will be very difficult or even impossible to continue the game.
Russia pushes hard president Victor Yanukovych to drive Ukraine into its Customs union – an element of wider Russia initiated process aimed to creation of the Eurasian Union. Kremlin does not demand democracy in Ukraine, promises cheap gas for the participation in the Customs union and threatens with restriction of Ukrainian export if not. All these things are highly sensible for Ukrainian political elite and oligarchs: they […]

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