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Former Ukrainian PM Yulia Tymoshenko can get imprisonment for life. Ukraine’s prosecutor’s office has officially accused her of murder of MP Evgen Shcherban on 1996.
Certainly, the accusations are highly doubtful and are a continuation of opposition leader’s persecution. But in the same time it is demonstrative message to the EU – president Yanukovych is not going to fulfill Brussels’ conditions needed to sign the Association agreement. The main one is to stop so called selective justice.
It is not first such a message. The current Tymoshenko’s sentence – 7 years of imprisonment – she has got on October,11, 2011. It happened just for few days before president Yanukovych’s planned visit to Brussels. That visit was annuled.
Now story is repeating. The EU-Ukraine summit is scheduled for February, 25. New case against Tymoshenko called to demonstrate that all Brussels’ attempts to push president Yanukovych will be unsuccessful. More that, it looks like his […]

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