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Comment on African Jihadism

The richest, the most beautiful and resourceful continent of the World, Africa, is steadily plunged into a wide area of civil conflict and massacres, with major demand the rise into power for jihadists. The continent that has been for centuries the center of atrocities and expoitation by the European colonialism has never achieved to provide its citizens with the fundamentals: water, food, health, jobs, growth, political stability, ethnic compromises.
Mali is the latest scenery of struggle. Before -and still be or pending- were Sudan, Somalia, Rwanda, Liberia, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Tanzania in Sahel and the lower adjacent parts.Yet it is not only the religious thing; it is mainly the entire gamut of dehumiliation, the poor prospects -from population growth to water management- the nature of disaster and the fault border lines. It is also the jihadist kidnappers, the fractious politics, the meaningless demand for territorial autonomy, the insane leaderships, the routes […]

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