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A campaign against a new lignite power plant in Kosovo uses World Bank figures to highlight the health damage resulting from pollution.
Posted on the Bankwatch blog by Sven Haertig-Tokarz, Bankwatch web editor
We blogged last week about a new coal power plant near Pristina in Kosovo, that is due to receive support by the World Bank and may also be a project the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development is willing to get behind.
The vital opposition against developing even more coal capacities in Kosovo, a country that already now creates 98 percent of electricity from lignite, is now complemented by a newly launched ad campaign (see the image below). It highlights the extraordinary negative health impacts from coal combustion that Kosovars have to endure. (Interestingly, the numbers are taken from a study by the World Bank, the same institution that now could offer millions to perpetuate the situation.)
The campaign reminds us […]

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