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Oxfam has long been concerned that increasing production of biofuels pushes up food prices, encourages land grabs and in many cases increases rather than reduces dangerous greenhouse gas emissions. Within the GROW campaign, we are fighting to end policies promoting biofuels and threatening food security and the climate. This issue was in the spotlight in Brussels last week. Marc-Olivier Herman of Oxfam’s EU Office presented Oxfam’s concerns in the European Parliament and monitored a discussion of European Energy Ministers on a review of the EU biofuels legislation.
The conference room in the European Parliament was packed last Wednesday. Not a single spare seat to be found behind those reserved for the members of the Environment and Industry Committees who have started to work on a change in European biofuels legislation. MEP assistants, industry lobbyists or NGO representatives who arrived late had no other option than to stand through three hours of […]

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