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Within a few years unconventional gas, in particular shale gas, discoveries in the USA, have changed the geopolitics of energy.
The USA is becoming one the major gas producers on earth, shaking off its dependence on the unstable Gulf region.
Gas prices have dramatically gone down in the USA, enabling the country to re-vitalise energy-intensive industries and creating hundreds of thousands of new jobs in the States of the Middle West.
Throughout the world oil and gas companies are taking claims for potential reserves, from UK to Poland, China and Australia.
Unconventional gas deposits are widely spread around the globe, reducing the fears about excessive dependence on the Middle East, Russia or Central Asia for future oil and gas supply.
Reserves of conventional and unconventional gas that are technically recoverable might last 250 years on the basis of present gas consumption (IEA), which would turn gas into a fossil energy with very long life-expectancy, comparable to […]

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