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In the wake of the sovereign debt crisis, we are used to thinking that neoliberalism has a negative effect only on Europe’s weaker economies. In fact, in many richer parts of the continent people have become obsessed with their regions’ per capita income, to the point of considering to split up for good with their less fortunate co-nationals. Thus the well-off Flemish wish to secede from Belgium in order to avoid subsidising the less competitive Walloons; the Catalans loathe to help out some of Spain’s poorer regions and would likewise prefer to live in a separate state; even Bavarians have second thoughts when it comes to paying their taxes to Berlin, thus calling into question the long term viability of Bismarck’s German reich.
In many respects, however, Scotland is an exception to this rule. The Scots’ plans to dissolve the 300 year-old union with England is based on a desire to […]

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