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By Christian Kjaer, EWEA CEO Investing in wind energy makes absolute economic sense. Europe’s ageing power plants need replacing. It makes economic sense to replace a growing proportion of those conventional power plants with wind energy.
This is because wind energy does the following:

Creates jobs and economic growth in Europe. 238,000 people worked in EU wind energy in 2010.
Reduces the cost of importing fossil fuels. Wind energy avoided €5.71 billion of fuel costs in 2010.
Reduces the risks of Europe being dependent on other countries for its energy.
Costs no more – and soon less – than conventional power sources. Today, production cost of a wind farm on land is broadly cost competitive with building a new coal or gas power station and the electricity costs are half of those from a new nuclear power plant. And that is in a situation in which some of the environmental and health costs of extracting […]

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