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According to the partial results of the latest ECB survey, the median wealth of Spanish households stands at €178,300 while that of their German counterparts languishes at €51,400. This is largely due to contrasting approaches to bricks and mortar: nearly 50% of Germans rent their accommodation and only 25% own it outright, whereas less than 20% of Spaniards are tenants and nearly half have no mortgage or loan against their property.

In Escorial hangs a pictorial tribute to the victory of the Spanish over Dutch rebels in the 1579 siege of Mastrique. Surely the 1992 Treaty won't be turned into revenge for its massacred inhabitants?

So, they don’t just have more sunshine, think Northerners. Well, while warning avid viewers of house makeover programmes that this may come as a shock and apologising to Adam Smith who no doubt expressed it more elegantly, property is only worth a multiple of what you […]

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