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This month, a WFP-EU photo exhibition on ‘Building Resilience’ is on show at Dublin Airport. The focus of this exhibition is the link between climate change, nutrition and hunger. These photos tell the stories of the challenges faced by some of the world’s most vulnerable people as they struggle to feed their families while adapting to climate change. Indeed, climate change is a hunger risk multiplier, threatening to undermine hard-won gains in eradicating hunger and poverty. Projections indicate that unless considerable efforts are made to reduce people’s vulnerability to natural disasters, by 2050 up to 20% more people will be at risk of hunger due to changing climates, and child malnutrition is anticipated to be 20 % higher compared to a no-climate change scenario (IASC, 2009).
In addition, the poorest people are also those that suffer most from climate change as climate shocks force the poor to adopt emergency coping strategies […]

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