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The European Parliament yesterday chastised the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development for its explicit interest in financing a new lignite-fired power plant in Kosovo. NGOs hope the bank will pay more attention to the Parliament than it did to civil society and energy experts so far.
posted on the Bankwatch blog by Ionut Apostol, Bankwatch EBRD campaign coordinator
At the end of last year, Kosovo became the newest member of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). One of the first words we heard from the bank on their financing plans for the country indicated an interest to invest in a new 600 MW lignite plant, Kosovo C, planned to be built close to capital Pristina.
EBRD enters Kosovo: Past IFI failures must be heeded (Bankwatch Mail article)
In March this year, the EBRD concretely spelled out what it considers to be investment priorities in its draft strategy for Kosovo (pdf). In […]

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