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Imagine; you are locked in a room with twelve other individuals, it’s a stifling summer’s day and you have to decide whether a teenaged Puerto Rican will be sent to the electric chair (because this is the 1950s). His crime? Killing his father with a switchblade. You cannot leave the room until you and your fellow jurors have made a unanimous decision. You are also frustrated, because although there is clear evidence that the boy is guilty, one of your fellow jurors is refusing to cooperate. You don’t know his name but he has been labelled “Juror #8” for anonymity’s sake. He seems to think that the jury should collectively and methodologically go through the evidence one more time. You are not sure why, but it’s very frustrating because this room is very hot.
“If there’s a reasonable doubt in your minds as to the guilt of the accused, a reasonable […]

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