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Two American pharmaceutical companies, AbbVie and Intermune, have taken legal action to prevent or restrict the European Medicines Agency from disclosing certain clinical trial data after a medicine is approved for marketing.
In my opinion, both companies have been involved in activities that seem to prove the need for more transparency and not less.
AbbVie is a new company founded to carry on the work of most of the former medicines division of Abbott Laboratories. This was not a third party takeover, but a split of one company into two separate entities. AbbVie is basically the old medicines division of Abbott and therefore inherited the Corporate Integrity Agreement signed between Abbott and the US Government last October.
In October 2012, Abbott was required to pay $1.5 billion in criminal fines and civil settlements for promoting a medicine, Depakote, to treat dementia and schizophrenia. The medicine was not authorised for these indications. […]

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