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The Italian Government is threading dangerously towards evaporation or, mutatis mutandis, citizens are likely to hit the wall and lose their “wallet”.
In the last election of February 2013, three prominent Parties, PD, PDL and M5S showed similar results of 25% each, with PD scoring marginally ahead. A hard bargaining ensued with PD trying to include M5S (Grillo) in a coalition against Berlusconi (PDL). The wedding could not be celebrated because M5S refused to mingle with “old stale politicians” while PD (Bersani) would not make a joint venture with Berlusconi (PDL) because discredited.
A Party crisis followed inside the PD making the election of the new President impossible, although the two top indications, Prodi and Rodotà, both high-calibre personalities originated from leftish backgrounds. At this point Bersani (PD) resigned, President Napolitano was emotionally asked to reconfirm his own mandate for the next 7 years and Mr Letta was appointed to form […]

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