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ClientEarth responds to the Commission’s decision on the interpretation of the Energy Efficiency Directive
Attempts to weaken the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) have been blocked by a Commission decision which matches ClientEarth’s legal analysis. The Commission confirmed that the EED’s temporal scope is limited to the defined period of 2014-2020. This means early action in the context of EED Article 7 is already accounted for once and thus cannot be repeated within the context of the contested Article 7.7.c.
This ‘verdict’ (without prejudice to the Court of Justice’s case law, of course) confirms that ClientEarth’s interpretation has prevailed over the alternative pursued by the UK with some alleged support from DG Energy officials. The decision has been heralded as great news amongst energy savings proponents and environmental NGOs, as it avoided a significant weakening of the Directive.
The fiercely negotiated Directive, concluded under the Danish Presidency in the early summer of 2012, was […]

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