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How is the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development able to justify a brand new host country agreement with Egypt, given the abuses still being endured in Egypt and the failure of one billion euros of EU money to improve the economic and human rights situation there?
by Anne-Sophie Simpere, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog
I daresay that the EBRD’s very well-resourced media unit, based at its headquarters in London, operates some kind of ‘grid’ system – the media management tool pioneered by Tony Blair and Alistair Campbell in the 1990s to attempt to control political perceptions and events. If such an EBRD ‘grid’ exists, it’s safe to say that it got more than a bit derailed last week as the bank was attempting to hype its signing of a new host country agreement with Egypt – exactly as a new European Court of Auditors (CoA) report was slamming EU aid to […]

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