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Royal asbestos

The royal baby still has to wait to begin his life in his new home. It is being refurbished. More than ₤1.1m will be the public cost of refurbishing the Kensington Palace apartment IA. Most of the bill (₤600,000) has been used to remove asbestos, the rest was spent on repairing the roof.
So Kensington Palace will be asbestos-free for the royal baby to live safely. But that is not the case for about three-quarters of England’s 24,000 schools estimated to have buildings with asbestos.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are probably right to remove asbestos in their new home, as asbestos can cause severe diseases and asbestos risk to children is higher compared with adults: they live longer so they are more likely to develop cancer. This was the result of a report of The Committee on Carcinogenicity that compared the relative vulnerability of children to asbestos compared with adults. According […]

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