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Land expropriation and corruption have been two recurring themes at the Kolubara mine. This week’s arrests indicate that they are closely connected.
by Zvezdan Kalmar, cross-posted from the Bankwatch blog
Recent developments in Serbia forebode gloomy times for the country’s energy company EPS. After the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s confirmation on Friday that it has given up the Kolubara B lignite power plant project, Serbian media reported on Monday that police had arrested several individuals connected to the EPS-owned and EBRD-financed Kolubara lignite mine.
Among the arrestees are former director of the Kolubara Mining Basin Nebojša Ćeran and former financial director Ljubisa Nekic and businessman Radoslav Savatijević. They are suspected of fraud in land expropriation proceedings around the Kolubara mine.
Although the arrests are recent, the issue has been in the public eye for some time, not least as Minister of Energy, Development and Environmental Protection Zorana Mihajlović highlighted already in January […]

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