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AEGEE-Europe, together with 10 youth organizations from all over Europe, has launched the campaign YouthRights.NOW for the recognition of specific rights for youth. These youth rights include education and training, employment, housing, health and the right to a healthy environment, participation, sexual and reproductive health, culture and sport, non-discrimination, as wells as proper information on youth policies and its implementation.
In the current situation, these rights are being violated with worrying frequency, therefore this call for action to increase the protection of one of the collectives more severely affected by the current economic and social crisis in Europe. You can read more about the campaign in the website www.youthrights.eu
This campaign is the outcome of a meeting of youth organizations in Strasbourg last April. During this meeting, they developed this campaign led by young people who want to improve the reality. All organizations involved are committed to bring this discussion on the […]

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