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There was some hope that the 50th anniversary of the EU Turkey Association would coincide with a judgment of European Court of Justice favorable to Turkish citizens whishing to travel visa free to the EU. Alas, the contrary occurred when the Court in its long awaited Demirkan ruling marred the already gloomy ‘festivities’ marking the anniversary of Europe’s oldest association with a third country.
By Thomas Vandamme
In practical terms, the judgment confirms German legislation that obliges Turkish nationals to obtain a visa before traveling to Germany to receive services there. The rules of the EU-Turkey Association (in their current state) do not cover that situation and therefore do not protect Turkish citizens from such impediments, even if they are newly introduced (in fact, German legislation only started to impose such visa requirements on Turkish nationals after 1980).
The Demirkan ruling represents a rupture of a long strand of cases in which […]

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