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In 2009, BCSDN published a policy paper critical of the IPA Civil Society Facility (CSF) design. Then, the EC failed to properly consult and reflect on the lessons-learned on supporting the role of civil society in the EU accession process and also failed to develop an approach complementary to the needs of indigenous local CSOs. Three years on in 2012, BCSDN has undertaken a comprehensive overview of the IPA CSF grant support implemented so far. The research has led to the publication of an Infograph: IPA CSF 2007-2011: Evolution not Revolution as the first in a series of analytical products to be published on the topic this year.

Overall, the European Commission’s (including EU Delegations’) approach and support had evolved, but not yet revolutionized in the way needed for the transformative power and democratization role of civil society to be one of the key factors determining the EU accession process. What is needed […]

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