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Human consciousness today is so overloaded with information that any information exceeding the limits of everyday needs and requiring additional intellectual efforts is perceived and digested with difficulty; especially, if it contradicts deeply-rooted stereotypes. That is why the image of Ukraine as a country with the ancient history, powerful fundamental science and education does not fit into the Procrustean bed of traditional ideas of European philistines.
Any country in the eyes of an average man without ambitions of a great traveler wishing to visit all corners of the planet personally – is a very short list of associations – that is, names, geographic names, historical events and contemporary scandals, cultural phenomena (national cuisine, folk songs, dances) and so on.
What does an average European, who has never been to our country, know about Ukraine? Sports lovers will remember Euro-2012 and recall, perhaps, Andriy Shevchenko (the famous footballer, now having finished his career), […]

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