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The atrocities on Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall with the hostage crisis and the death of tens of people cannot be considered as a single event, but it has to be encompassed in a wider chain of violence and terrorism that al-Qaeda is exerting through the development of its affiliates in Africa, Southeastern Asia and Middle East. Through that prism, al-Qaeda is said to be a very resilient and adaptable organization that can efficiently deploy its scopes on field around the globe.

The extremist group of Shabab has assumed the responsibility for the hostage and the killings in Kenya. The development and the outcome of this crisis is similar to the width and depth of similar acts of violence in Southeastern Asia, as for instance in Mumbai in 2008: such terrorist acts were targeted against non-Muslim population, the fighters of the terrorist groups were proved to be extremely well-prepared and qualified against […]

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