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Firstly, let me apologise for the length of this post. I simply couldn’t have written this more concisely.
I wanted to start this week’s instalment to say that I thought that various official reactions to the crisis in Lampedusa was funny. However, the more I thought about the situation the less I was able to make such a pronouncement. Now, I have a pretty dark sense of humour, and I have a talent for seeing the ridiculous in situations, but something bothered me about these tragedies. I believe the root of these problems to be systemic within the nature of European identities and societies.
It isn’t very outrageous to say that Europe suffers from an identity crisis. Even the term “Europe” isn’t very descriptive and could be referring to anything from the EU28 to all of the countries from Iberia to the Urals. Specifically, I think Europe is conflicted on its […]

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