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By Isabel Martins, Oxfam’s EU Policy Advisor

After two years of violent conflict, Mali is approaching a turning point.
The European Union, who has worked alongside Mali throughout the turbulent period, is continuing to support the local authorities in stabilising the North of Mali, where tensions between and within communities have caused instability throughout the country. The EU has helped sustain policies of peace and reconciliation with the hope of mobilizing means to support the National Dialogue Commission, implementing a conflict resolution and peace promotion project.
It is vital now that both the EU and Malian authorities acknowledge that a lasting peace cannot be achieved unless concrete efforts are made to improve understanding of the impact of the conflict on the country’s social fabric, as well as of its root causes, such as corruption, poverty and feelings of marginalization.
A new report by Oxfam and regional women’s network WILDAF, “Piecing together the jigsaw: prospects […]

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