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Impressions from Bangladesh

by Natalia Alonso, Head of Oxfam’s EUs office

My first impression of Bangladesh was very similar to my experience many years ago when I first stepped foot in Delhi: being a foreigner raised curiosity but always got a gentle smile and respectful glance. The well-known reputation of Bangladeshi hospitality was topped when, that same night, my dinner bill was paid in the name of welcoming me to the country. I had enjoyed a tasty, spicy rui fish with rice at a popular restaurant that was getting really packed. Then, three young women asked me whether they could share the table with me. We started to chat and I found out that they were three sisters celebrating the Eid holidays with a family outing. They were thrilled that I had come all the way from Europe to discover their country and before I could realise it, they settled the bill. A truly […]

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