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The solution of the main problem on the way to signing of the Association Agreement with the European Union – the so-called “selective justice” or “Yuliya Tymoshenko’s question” is accompanied by not completely logical messages and appeals on the side of the European partners of Ukraine. And also, the discrepancy between these messages and appeals to the so-called “European values”.
Judge for yourself: the main point in the EU requirements or the so-called “Fule list” is the solution of “selective justice”, and in their messages representatives of Europe have recently started implying clearly and unambiguously that the solution of this problem means nothing else but the solution of the “Tymoshenko’s question”. If earlier observers could have some doubts or an opportunity to interpret the concept of “selective justice” in different ways, now there is practically no space for doubts and interpretations – various representatives of Europe have voiced their position several […]

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