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“… Viktor Yanukovych who has his eye on Brussels will crash, but, maybe, he will get on plank beds with a smell of Yuliya Tymoshenko’s perfume …”, “It is no secret for anyone that the main headquarters of all this eurointegration is the American embassy in Kyiv. All ideology of the Eastern Partnership was initially built on the remains of the Cold War …”, “Ukraine becomes the colony of the European Union, but thus doesn’t obtain any rights”…
These are the theses pushed by the Kremlin propaganda via TV channels on air of Russia and the Customs Union. And these are by no means the most rigid statements which Vladimir Putin’s propagandists allow themselves in terms of Ukraine in the light of the forthcoming Eastern Partnership Summit which will take place in Vilnius at the end of November.
Certainly, as Putin didn’t like eurointegration of Ukraine, the same way he doesn’t like […]

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