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The Game is Still On

The meeting of the EU-Ukraine Parliamentary Cooperation Committee is under way. Although it has been one year since the Ukrainian parliamentary election, little optimism can be felt among participants, some of whom constitute a strong Ukrainian representation.
Yesterday, after a motion put forward by the Party of Regions, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine decided that it needs one week more for collecting amendment proposals regarding three finished laws (election law, prosecution service act and a law on conditions for Yulia Tymoshenko release/ treatment abroad).
Also yesterday, the envoys of the EU- Kwaśniewski and Cox- described at the Conference of Presidents the situation in Ukraine, that is they said that nothing good had happened. Their mission has been prolonged until the Vilnus Summit of November 28. Everyone agreed that as long as there is a slight chance for a positive move of the Ukrainian authorities, we should not announce a crisis.
That is […]

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