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The 10th November 2013 is likely to enter EU history as the day when an overwhelming majority (483 against 141 and 34 abstentions) of MEPs passed a resolution calling for a single location of the EP.
To this end, Article 341 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Institutions, according to which the governments of member states decide on the location of EU institutions by unanimous agreement, will have to be amended.
The location of the European institutions is a saga stretching over more than half a century.
In 1958 when the six member European Economic Community was launched the distribution was simple: Luxembourg kept the High Authority of the Coal and Steel Community established in 1952, Brussels obtained the EEC Commission and Strasbourg, which hosted already the Council of Europe, obtained in addition what was the parliamentary Assembly.
10 years later with the merger of the executives the the High Authority was […]

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