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By Hilary Jeune, Oxfam’s EU policy adviser

The money for development aid and humanitarian assistance under the new 2014-2020 EU budget falls short of what is needed to help the EU respond to today’s pressing global challenges including runaway climate change, food insecurity, resource constraints and growing inequality between rich and poor.
With one in eight people going hungry globally, it is unfair to balance the books on the backs of the world’s poor that are being worst hit by an economic crisis they did not cause. There are smarter options to find the way out of the current crisis, like tackling tax dodging and introducing a financial transaction tax which could mobilize huge amounts of money.
Disappointingly, the new 7-year budget undermines the European Commission’s aim to reach the commitment by the EU as a whole to spend 0.7% of national income as overseas aid. Estimates by the […]

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