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Ms. Areti Georgili is founder of the concept bookstore Free Thinking Zone, member of the Administrative Committee of Drassi, and founding member of the Hellenic Start-Up Association. We had the opportunity to discuss with her about the European Elections of 2014, Greek and European politics, the liberal ideology, policy-making and civic participation, as well as the political scopes, vision, and character of the political movement Drassi.

1. What are the major areas where Drassi is mobilized in Greek politics and political participation?
Drassi enhances fast reforms towards a smaller state administration, politically independent from all parties, less bureaucratic, less corrupted, a modern, transparent, caring, fair, democratic and well-organized public sector that works for the benefit of the citizen and with the citizen.
We believe in Europe and in Greece as a vital member of the European Union, as well as in a new model of citizenship, where the citizen is the […]

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