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On June 13 2013 the UN Population Division has published a major upward revision of its 2050 and 2100 population projections. This has gone widely unnoticed in Europe, though it will have a big impact on Europe if history will confirm it.
Until 2050 global population is now projected to reach 9.6 billion, 2.4 billion more than present world population, and in 2100 the UN expects global population to attain close to 11 billion people, an increase of some four billion during the next 86 years. In historic terms, these are incredible figures: it has taken humanity 50 000 years to reach a total population of one billion!
The driving forces behind this projected trend are the slower than expected decline of female fertility, significant victories over HIV/AIDS and infant mortality and a further increase of life expectancy.
A global population of some 11 billion by the end of the century will create […]

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