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Without a Breakthrough

Some claimed that venison with apple puree preceded by sturgeon in celery sauce would change the result of the Vilnius summit. The elegant dinner was full of courtesy and statements about the indivisibility of the continent, but it did not change the final outcome. We can expect the diplomatic relations with Ukraine to cool down but it will not be another Cold War.
I have an impression that the triumph Moscow is now achieving may be a Phyrric victory. I do not believe either in the cheap gas or the billions of dollars offered to Kiev for the u-turn of Yanukovych in Vilnius. Kremlin would wish something more- the whole Ukraine. Much will depend here on the Ukrainians alone. If they oppose politically, openly and effectively that their country were included in the empire, the result of the blackmail will contrary to Russia´s intention.
After the Vilnius summit another phase of […]

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