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At local level, ICT and social media have already influenced several debates by blocking legislation, federating contributors and proposing new ideas. Here are some examples. Maybe you have others?
2005 French EU Constitution referendum – First time in Europe, civil society organisations and informed citizens used social media to defend an opinion and ultimately defeat elites.
2009-2012 ACTA’s negotiation – Social media guru’s mobilised citizens in most European countries to influence traditional politics, blocking ACTA but not yet shaping a new policy. Similarly, in October 2012, ‘Pigeons’ entrepreneurs took their protest to François Hollande’s tax on social media.
2013 Italian election – After Ségolène Royal with desirsdavenir.org in France in 2006, Beppe Grillo recently favoured social media with his “world’s most powerful blog”. These participative campaigns together with offline political gatherings stimulated numerous fresh ideas beyond the usual suspects.

Can you think of other examples EU Community should be inspired by?
What is your best model […]

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