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Two days in Kiev

Yesterday’s voting in the Vekhovna Rada was an important message about what is going on in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the demonstration in Majdan, there have been signs that so far united Party of the Regions got disintegrated. A few deputies announced their planned withdrawal from the party and it was also said that Serhii Lovochkin, Head of Presidential Administration, submitted his resignation.
This impression died out yesterday at 2 p.m. when, apart from one deputy, the whole Party of the Regions firmly supported the government. Speculations that several deputies from the governing party may be ‘taken in’ by the opposition turned out to be completely untrue.
We have, therefore, a consolidated Party of the Region, whose members defended the Prime Minister, which does not have to mean that all members support him fully. There are lots of businesses in the Party of the Regions, many of them divergent, thus, […]

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