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Imagine it‘s November 2014 and you are witnessing the first round of Romanian Presidential elections. If things stay as agreed between the partners in the Union of Socialists and Liberals, and the economy does not crash (a very unlikely scenario since it had the biggest growth in EU28 in 2013), Crin Antonescu, the leader of the National Liberal Party (PNL) will win at a limit the first tour; or, if not, he will be a strong favourite for the second tour of the Presidential elections. In the latter case, unless a United “Opposition” finds a true charismatic with a strong message (improbable for the moment), Crin Antonescu will be Romania‘s next President.
But things aren‘t always as scheduled in Romanian politics, quite the contrary. There can be several gamechangers in Romanian Presidential elections in 2014: some relate to international factors, some deal with internal politcs, and some with personalities.
I. International game […]

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