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The other day in the interview to the German mass media the Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Andrey Klyuyev said, providing that the political crisis gets deeper, Ukraine can lose its integrity. According to Mr. Klyuyev, what occurred on Maidan at night on November 30 (when riot police violently dispersed the protest meeting of students which provoked all further events in Ukraine) is a big tragedy and provocation.
“The fact that innocent people suffered is a grief. It is very bad. I believe, what occurred was a provocation of the purest water”, – he said.
Andrey Klyuyev also said such problems can be resolved only peacefully.
“If we continue to accuse each other, it is a way to the country’s breakdown even not on two, but on three parts. And such scenarios unfortunately are possible in our country”, – the NSDC Secretary emphasized.
Mr. Klyuyev noted that at the […]

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