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Sotiris Roussos is Associate Professor in the Dept. of Political Science and IR of the University of Peloponnese and Head of the Centre for Middle East, Mediterranean and Islamic Studies (CEMMIS), www.cemmis.edu.gr
We discussed about the ravaging civil war in Syria, the nuclear ordeal of Iran, the Kurdish issue, Cyrpus, and the stalling EU adhesion process of Turkey.
1. What were the triggering points of the civil war in Syria and what outcome could you foresee?
It should be seen as a result of both internal and external processes. First Bashar al-Assad did not manage to face the economic and social dislocation due to the timid entrance of Syria in the globalised world. He overlooked and actually destroyed old alliances between the Alawi state and Sunni business elites and alienated the rural power base of the regime. At the same time he was becoming all […]

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