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European Parliament (Christian Wohlert)

Voters from across the European Union will elect 751 deputies to the European Parliament in May. Proportional representation and voter apathy have long made European elections a prime target for fringe parties, but current polling numbers suggest that this year’s election may mark a watershed moment. France’s Front National (FN) could win a plurality of the votes, while the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) and the Dutch Freedom Party (PVV) have similarly high hopes. In all, the eurosceptic vote from the left and right could take up to a quarter of the parliament’s seats and will surely be up from the 12% it represents today.
Many votes will go to more established elements of the eurosceptic left, but the Economist reckons in this week’s leader that the far-right Europe bashers will represent some 9% of that vote. It is the emergence of this ragtag group of insurgents that […]

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