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Looking ahead to 2014

By Natalia Alonso, Head of Oxfam’s EU Office

As major changes sweep over European leadership, 2014 will certainly prove a landmark year in Europe’s standing in the world. This institutional reshuffle offers an opportunity to change gears and tackle global challenges straight on.
At Oxfam, we want to see Europe leading the fight against inequality and climate change, two major injustices threatening to undermine the efforts of millions of people to escape poverty and hunger, both at home and abroad.
The year will see the election of new Presidents for the European Parliament, European Commission, and the European Council, as well as a new EU foreign policy chief.
Under this new leadership, the EU will be shaping a wide range of social justice issues, from tax and financial regulation reform, to climate and energy policies and the post 2015 UN Millennium Development Goals agenda to end […]

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