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I was and remain an ardent supporter of the eurointegration course of Ukraine’s development. Therefore, the decision about postponing the signing of the Association Agreement with the EU aroused not my best feelings. Though, having calmed down a little, I realized that President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych couldn’t do anything else. Not because the Agreement was bad. No. Everything is banal and more simple. It is obvious that in case of signing of the Agreement Yanukovych would face the maximum possible economic pressure from Russia. The considerable part of enterprises of the East and South of Ukraine, whose meaninful part of export is focused on Russia, would have very unpleasant consequences. Many of them would be compelled to stop their activity for indefinite time.
A massive promotional campaign against Viktor Yanukovych would be also launched on the side of Russian electronic mass media which are completely dependent on the power.
Besides, by […]

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